Prenatal and Postpartum Training

Are you an active individual trying to stay fit during your pregnancy? Are you feeling confused about what you can and cannot do during your pregnancy or in the months that follow childbirth? Are you actively trying to conceive?

The physiological stages of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum are vastly different from one another, and your training should reflect and respect that. Movements and intensities need to be monitored and modified at different times to maximize conception, decrease chances of adverse birth outcomes, and of course, maximize results. 

Prenatal and postpartum personal training in North and West Vancouver

Experienced coaching that takes the guess work out of training

Research shows that strength training throughout your pregnancy can have protective effects for both the mother and the baby. Additionally, labor duration has been found to be inversely associated with a woman’s aerobic capacity. Not to mention, women who actively train during their pregnancies lose their pregnancy weight quicker and recover faster (whether cesarean or natural birth) compared to women who don’t exercise. But beware, many social media ‘experts’ and fitness coaches that claim to be prenatal or postpartum specialists have little to no formal training or education. The amount of information floating around about fitness and pregnancy is often misleading, not founded on scientific evidence, and is either fear mongering or too lax.

Feel confident in your training journey knowing you are in safe hands with Dr. Kehler. She has been a highly sought after strength and conditioning coach for over 15 years. She has an extensive reproductive health research background in addition to hands on experience with prenatal and postpartum women. Whether you are new to exercise, are a professional athlete, or lie somewhere in between, Ainslie will have you training in a safe and effective manner both before your babe gets here, and when you feel ready to return.

Private training

Your training will be highly individualized to tailor to your fitness level, maximize results, while keeping you and babe safe. Together, you will discuss your pregnancy (whether future, current or past), set goals, and get to work. Ainslie may also recommend that you work with a pelvic floor physiotherapist or another health care professional to address certain pregnancy related conditions. She has a fabulous referral network in North and West Vancouver.

Prenatal exercise programming

Monthly programming to meet you where you are at. Ideally done in a gym, or well stocked home gym. Programming can start prior to conception (ideal), or anywhere throughout your pregnancy. Program includes a shared spreadsheet complete with exercise demos and descriptions. Includes 1 call or 1 follow up email each month, with unlimited email access for questions.

$150/month (and based on availability; Ainslie can only take on a limited number of remote clients per month

Return to exercise postpartum package

If you live in North or West Vancouver or Downtown Vancouver, Ainslie will come to you during this special, yet vulnerable time. She will assess your ability to create pressure in your core, measure your Diastasis Recti Abdominis, and teach you the foundational breath work (“Activation Breathing”) that is critical for exercise moving forward. She will meet your body where it is at, and teach you the individualized exercises to begin your rehabilitation and return to exercise. Unless otherwise specified, workouts will be created using minimal equipment, and are designed for you to do in your own home.

Package includes:

2 home visits, spaced 1-2 weeks apart

2, 1-2-week exercise programs to meet your body where it is following each in-person session

1 follow-up call

Please be sure to have your OB/midwife’s clearance to begin exercise again.

COST: $360 + gst

Virtual Visits

45 min virtual postpartum or pregnancy visits can be scheduled via Zoom or FaceTime, or a good old fashioned phone call. These can be purchased in addition to the package above, or on an as-needed basis. This is good for women who are working with a pelvic floor physiotherapist, or who have a solid understanding of what they need to do, but need a little clarification. This is also a good option to review your current training program or regime for feedback and modifications. This includes an email follow up with necessary notes, programming feedback, ideas, etc.

COST: $95 + gst


Dr. Kehler is available to deliver customized seminars for health care providers, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and of course, moms. She is a subject matter expert in reproductive health and exercise. Contact her for more info.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ainslie throughout my journey to become pregnant, and it’s been such a positive experience! I first reached out to Ainslie after coming off of months of marathon training, racing the Boston Marathon and setting our sights on starting a family. I knew that I wanted to switch up my routine and focus on strength to prepare for labor and delivery, and most important feel strong returning to running post-partum. I can tell you now, that at 37 weeks pregnant, having Ainslie in my corner throughout has been the best decision I could have made. Throughout the wild ride of pregnancy, Ainslie has been an incredible resource of information, sounding board for nerves and anxieties, and truly a caring friend with my best interest in mind. In the moments when I wanted to do too much, Ainslie would ground me in what was realistic, and in the moments of looking for encouragement, Ainslie was there cheering me on – I am so grateful for Ainslie’s insight, knowledge and guidance throughout my pregnancy, and I couldn’t feel more prepared and well set up for what my post-partum experience will be.” – Maria Marshall

“I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Ainslie as my personal trainer through two pregnancies. With an athletic background and having already pursued high intensity CrossFit training, I wanted to maintain my fitness throughout the duration of my pregnancies. Her expertise, combined with her caring approach, made the journey safe and enjoyable. Movements were modified as the pregnancy progressed, enabling me to stay in the gym right up to the week the babies were born. Both babies were born healthy and at full term, and I am fully convinced that Ainslie’s training regime during pregnancy made my post partum recovery so successful and rapid return to the gym possible. Post partum exercise was paced accordingly and with compassion. I would highly recommend Ainslie to anyone looking for a training program tailored to pregnancy or post partum recovery. She is passionate about her profession, extremely knowledgeable, and fun to work with! ”

– Saskia A.

“I started training with Ainslie two months postpartum. Prior to my pregnancy I was very active and played tennis competitively. Due to some complications I was bed ridden for part of my pregnancy and then remained inactive throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, this made me very nervous to start working out again after having the baby, I was not sure how and where to start. I am very fortunate and happy to have found Ainslie! From the first day I met her, I knew she was someone I could trust. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and highly experienced, especially in postpartum training. She did an initial assessment on the first day, we started out very slow and she gradually increased the intensity. I am currently training at the intensity and level I was training prior to my pregnancy, if not more. So far, I have lost almost all of my pregnancy weight and I am a lot stronger. Ainslie is always motivating and encouraging, and challenges me to do my best! Having a newborn is a handful, but Ainslie was able to come to my home and work with very limited equipment; but all her workouts are very personalized and she always changed things up so it never got boring. Ainslie is getting me ready to get back on the tennis court again very soon, and thanks to her I am a lot more confident and looking forward to compete in the next tennis tournament!

– Dr. Manar AlAwadhi


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